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Visit Al Capone’s 1930’s Chicago “speak-easy” & become part of the Family!

Thursday Evening  -  April 11, 2024



A delicious 4 course dinner that includes Appetizers, Salads, Choice of Main Entree's and desserts !

All-You-Can-Drink beverages* : Al's Rum Runners, Vodka & Cranberry,

   Rum & Coke, Bud Light Draft, Merlot, Chardonnay, White Zinfandel,

   soda, juice, coffee & tea !

Showtime : A musical comedy featuring Wise Guys and Gorgeous Dames!  

   There’s singing and dancing by a hilarious cast of characters and be ready

   to become a star……..There’s lots of audience participation !

* Special Ship & Shore V.I.P. reserved group seating !

* All taxes & gratuities are included* !

* Deluxe motor coach transportation !   

* Personalized V.I.P. service with onboard host/hostess !


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